Thursday, October 1, 2009

iTablet Rumor - Apple iTablet Drawing Nigh, Competitors Left Waiting High and Dry?

The machine stands out for viewing hi-def video content, "said the expert analyst, who requested anonymity. 'It's better the experience of film medium, if the thing you hold in your hands."

And what’s more, competitors know that we know that they know that it’s coming soon:

'It is very close to reaching a final project which is located in Asia, there is no other product in the waiting room or in the bullpen, "said the analyst. "There are tens ODM [original equipment manufacturers] access to products for PC manufacturers Lenovo and others are all waiting to see what is the product of Apple."

So does this mean just as the iCloned iPhones are waning, the iReplicated iTablets are just waiting to launch? We’ll know come September. Or October. Or… January to March 2010!

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