Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Event: Steve Jobs does not give an indication of iTablet

I'm very skeptical about the constant rumors about the imminent arrival of an Apple tablet, or "iTablet" as voice merchants call. I suspect that the device is present and not just because we are nearing completion, as unofficial led to the adoption.

More and more I feel that the experiences are propelled iTablet entry into the market and see what falls. So far, what has pleased the Microsoft Courier was renovated into a beautiful research units, and many speculate that the tablet will be on the mobile device of choice for the foreseeable future.

Apple Sell their brand not their products
The release date is set for the iTablet almost certainly already in the memory of the iPhone Steve Jobs. Why all the poses, though? Apple rises on the back of the brand is not as innovative. Apple did not invent the computer, doing cool the PC. He did not have to invent the MP3 player available from Apple, pleasure and removed 3 layers of awesome. The iPod is to MP3 players, which is the white tip-ex. The No iPhone, it did not invent the iPod-friendly software for the smartphone and the fact that the BlackBerry is not usual, and pulled on the smartphone geeks and makes a fashion accessory, a key component of the point of all modernism of movable type.

If not now then when?
My opinion Apple is waiting for the opening salvos, I definitely think their iTablet launch date is more likely next year this time than next month this time and that when the iTablet is released it will be the best in tablet in class without being most innovative in class. You can do that when you have a brand like Apple.

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