Monday, December 28, 2009

New 2010 Macbook Pro & Macbook Air Rumours

A video blog about the ongoing rumors about the new processors being used in the 2010 macbook pro / air apple notebooks.


Will apple revive an old name - The Slate?

Even with the news that Apple has registered trademark of iSlate, we can't be certain that's the name the company will ultimately use for their rumored tablet. Of historic interest, however, however, that this is not the first time used "The Slate" marking one of its projects tablets. In early 1990, Apple has a prototype of a new record called "MessageSlate" The technology is based on the Newton.


Apple Purchased in 2007. New Tablet device called iSlate?

Apple tablet rumors come forward to the arrival of a new, MacRumors has found evidence that Apple acquired the domain apparently in preparation for the new equipment. domain was first registered in October 2004 by a company called Eurobox Ltd. was later changed hands the data label, Inc. in 2006. In 2007, but was transferred to domain registrar. MarkMonitor handle domain registration and protection of trademarks for many companies, including Apple. As is typical, but the current registrant's name was hidden in the darkness of early identification of the current owner. Up to this point, it is still easy to dismiss it all as simple coincidence.

But after further research the history of domain name registration, it appears that Apple's name is temporarily suspended when the current owner of for several weeks in late 2007. It is time for a couple weeks, but took MacRumors documented history of Apple-owned domains currently points to no website. Apple is rumored to be announcing an Apple tablet in early 2010 and given this evidence "iSlate" seems a likely candidate for the device's name.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Apple has scheduled a surprise event on January 26, 2010

AppleInsider has shared this news only in their website, said that Apple has scheduled a media event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco Tuesday, January 26, 2010, for a big product announcement. It will be the Apple tablet? It would be great.

Citing inside sources, the Financial Times said on Wednesday that Apple has leased the land for several days in late January with the Center and Apple officials refused to make comments.

Speculation about Apple tablet has been raging for months. Although some believe the device will arrive this fall, AppleInsider first reported in July that 10-inch, 3G-enabled device to debut in early 2010 new Hardware said it was created under the watchful eye of company co-founder Steve Jobs.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

iPhone OS 4.0 has been released?

Last week, we know that the first signs that suggested the possible presence of iPhone OS 3.1.3, and iPhone 4.0 firmware. Today, MacRumors has been tipped by a developer who has spotted a single instance of iPhone OS 4.0 being used in his application’s Pinch Media analytics data. This result is similar to open "iPhone 3.1" (the new generation iPhone 4G model), which was seen by the developer iBart app last month.

When the iPhone 3.1.3 actually comes out, we expect a minor update, and it may release in the first half of 2010. The OS 4.0 certainly denotes a major release version and we can expect it to ship next-generation iPhone model, which is expected to be released in the summer months, at WWDC 2010. Nothing much is known about the functions that the new firmware will be offered, but we can not expect it to add many new features, similar to that experience, firmware 3.0 was released.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Apple to Announce Next Generation iPhone 4G in WWDC 2010 on June 28?

Mascone Center's summer schedule is revealed "Corporate Events", which is registered to be held between Monday, June 28th, 2010 to Friday, 2 July 2010. This is usually the time slot when Apple holds its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). WWDC event for the last two years has launched a new iPhone (hardware + software) announments.

A few weeks ago, we informed you about Foxconn, which is contacted by Apple with regard to contracts for the next generation iPhone. For those who do not know, Foxconn is the manufacturer that uses a variety of products such as Apple iPhone, Mac Mini and iPod lines.

There is a report from PinchMedia analysis in which iBart programmer Pandav (public transport guide rail system in San Francisco) is a very pleasant surprise to learn. His flat is installed and used in the device, which is defined as the "iPhone 3.1". May it be noted that exactly the same period last year, Apple has been testing the iPhone open 3GS (which is now defined as "iPhone 2.1") in San Francisco Bay area.

All these rumors are not necessarily suggesting a possible summer 2010 release of the next generation iPhone at the WWDC 2010. This next-generation iPhone is rumored to be equipped with a faster processor will include at least a 5-megapixel camera, support for multi-tasking (as ProSwitcher maybe?) And other improved features.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Intel will announce next-gen MacBook Pro 2010 chip candidates at CES

Intel "Arrandale" dual-core processor, that some of you expected overrun industrial chips you approve further you are Apple MacBook Pro 2010 line you have been used in production and shipping before you tire dealers have planned introduction next month.

Intel announced this Week will debut new chip at CES in January 7, 2010. They will be part of a "32-nanometer-minute" conference and the accompanying main mins company chief executive, Paul Otellini.

Intel said "Great news and events" for you next decide that you bring Core Intel Turbo Boost Technology those common markets. New chips include Core processor Core i3 to i5 mobile processors. In addition, Core i7 new chips are also expected.

At a press conference held Thursday you, Intel officials discovered the company has released 17 new CPUs that will arrive new machines set to debut in the early 2010. The new 32nm chips rapidly improving speed, Better graphics and consumer energy. Specifics, such as price and clock speeds, were not discussed.

The new processors are set to improve upon the previous line of Intel's Core 2 Duo chips, which have been utilized in versions of Apple's new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac. Apple uses the mobile variants of Intel's desktop chips for those systems, meaning machines with chips based on the Arrandale architecture could arrive in early 2010.

Unlike the Core 2 Duo CPUs, Arrandale processors will have the major northbridge chipset memory controller components built in. Currently, Apple uses Nvidia chipsets with its Mac lineup. But the architectural changes through Arrandale -- along with an ongoing lawsuit that has forced Nvidia to halt the development of future chipsets -- would likely make it difficult for Apple to continue with Nvidia.

Apple last updated its MacBook Pro 2010 line in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Those systems included Core 2 Duo processors and Nvidia graphics, along with cheaper prices, better displays and built-in batteries.

Earlier this week, details on Intel's forthcoming "Gulftown" 32nm, six-core processor leaked. The supposed Core i7-980X 3.33GHz could be a part of Mac Pro systems in early 2010.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

iPhone 4G might be 64GB and iPod Touch 128GB

MacRumors reported an interesting rumor. Yesterday Toshiba announced that the 64GB of NAND flash memory and launched they will start mass production in the first quarter of 2010th In principle, the iPhone can only receive a NAND flash chip, while the iPod touch you can fit two. Extra space in the iPhone will be accepted by his hard ward notice. Toshiba's new application will now the iPhone 64GB and 128GB iPod touch.

Last year Toshiba announced its first 32GB NAND flash module, which apparently closed used in the latest iPhone review. iSuppli's Teardown Toshiba designated as a supplier of flash memory iPhone 3GS.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

iTablet rumors - February production start, 10inch LCD screen

Control in the supply chain led Apple to a new series of iTablet rumors related to one analyst, who believes the device will begin in March or April 2010 to 10.1-inch LCD display.

Yair Reiner, an analyst at Oppenheimer, has revealed his latest report iTablet in a note issued to investors on Wednesday morning. He also said that Apple is getting a book publisher with a "very attractive proposal for inclusion in the list of the contents of the coming platform Ebook.

Reiner believes that an additional 50 cents iTablets can provide up to 75 cents per share on revenue of AAPL shares.

"Our checks show Apple's supply chain, the teeth on the production of iTablets is creaking into action, and should start to hit the mass market move in February," said the note. "At this stage it appears that Apple is the size of its supply chain to support the production, as well as the 1M units per month."

Reiner said Apple will likely have at least five to six weeks stocks built up before the possibility of product placement to start in March or April, can be released. This will initiate proceedings relating to matters such as the one who believes that a last-minute removal of the chamber under the leadership of the latest iPod Touch.

He also said that the device has a 10.1-inch screen multi-touch technology, LTPS LCD, as well as the iPhone. He specifically disputed earlier reports that high-end models will sport an OLED.

Appel is also said that the publishers offer a solution that will allow them to have the content of their release to other online stores like Amazon Kindle or the new digital repository for the next major front publishers. Apple to sweeten the pot but may offer more favorable than some companies like Amazon, we now offer.

Contacts in the U.S. tell us about Apple's forthcoming book publisher with a very good proposal for distribution of content, "said Reiner." Apple will be reported as income in 30/70 (Apple / publisher), split, give the same deal on all comers, no request for exclusive rights. We believe that the typical 50/50 split on fire, reaching up to 30 / Kindle Ebook 70, as indicated exclusive rights. "

He went on to say that the Kindle is dissatisfied with the publishing industry's "strong arming businesses with the exclusivity 'Wolf cut revenues are taken if they sell their content elsewhere. The Kindle does not allow advertising on the content it sells its machines do not.

"The iTablet has changed," said Reiner. "That should make more books related to education streamlining functions, such as notebook marginalia.

Oppenheimer predicts that the company could be sold from 1 to 1.5 million units per quarter at an average selling price of $ 1,000. The company has a target price of $ 235 for AAPL shares.


Monday, December 7, 2009

MacBook Pro January 2010 Getting Core i5 and i7 Processors?

Next issue Intel Core I5 and I7 chips that are optimized for mobile use has led to rumors about the chips in the phones that make photos online Apple MacBook Pro. MacBook Pros had spent several months with no updates - added fuel to the fire of rumors.

Core 2 Duos currently have come to MacBook Pro are taking some of the current processor Intel offers in the area. Intel plans to release three new chips, the design of the chip Arrandale (designed for mobile computers), and reports that the chips are going straight to the new MacBook Pros.

The processors will be added to Intel's Core i7 and i5 line, and their speed range is from 2.4 GHz to 2.66GHz, with prices (the manufacturer, is expected to refer difficult homebuilt computer) ranging from $ 225-332 U.S. dollars. MacRumors is reporting that the first series of processors from it are severe, probably by placing them in high-end MacBook Pros.

MacRumors also suggests that the lower-voltage versions of these things with Intel, you can see on super-thin MacBook Air. MacBook Pro line was last updated in June 2009 and has a processor upgrade, but Apple decided to stay with Intel Core 2 Duo line. The Intel chips Arrandale role of pigment production in January 2010, it was in June 2010 an ideal time for Apple to introduce MacBook Pro with a new restore i5 Core and Core i7 chip. Only a few days ago we reported on a rumor that Intel is a super high-end I9 Core processors could be sent to Apple Mac Pro desktop.