Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple patents touchscreen interface wasted iTablet?

Patent applications from Apple often show jewelry rush ending in real devices, so that a new patent emerged touch screen to gather some attention. It's for a full-hand touch-sensitive device--basically the iTablet.

The complaint was filed in June, and describes an interface incredibly sophisticated touch control, keyboard and mouse functions in a single device mix. Words by Apple suggests, it is an "unprecedented" hybrid input device "of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and writing - that the essential features of how to provide interaction with a Tablet advanced PC. It works very intelligent processing for those who want to know what the user so that we can ignore accidental touching of users and to interpret the actions and key combinations.

Apple's current crop of large-size touchpads, which are built into MacBooks, are smart enough to cope with up to four-finger gestures and tap-controls. But the patented device's input touchpad would be able to detect contact from all ten fingertips, main finger parts and palms. It would also be able to cope with different hand sizes, and be able to detect finger gestures while the user's hand is resting on the surface--basically how many of us type (though for good ergonomics, we probably shouldn't).

Apple acknowledges that there are pre-existing designs for combining a keyboard and mouse-pointer actions, but it argues that these are non-optimal--particularly in-keyboard solutions like IBM's weird little mouse-nubbin, which makes the keyboard more complex. Apple's solution seems to be to do away with the concept of a separate physical keyboard and mouse, and use a giant touchpad.

Apple is giving away how users use their legendary iTablet? It is quite possible, because a full touch screen, no keyboard device was much more sophisticated than the touch screen of the iPhone touch screen is full. Check that the patent describes, they are more complex than is presented in detail tablets Microsoft and Courier, in fact, Apple Tablet Concept 1987 - The patent which is the pen and the voice command is not linked to the "dynamic" needs of many users justice. The patent in May, in fact, confirmation of the reality of the iTablet will be taken again.

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