Thursday, December 10, 2009

iTablet rumors - February production start, 10inch LCD screen

Control in the supply chain led Apple to a new series of iTablet rumors related to one analyst, who believes the device will begin in March or April 2010 to 10.1-inch LCD display.

Yair Reiner, an analyst at Oppenheimer, has revealed his latest report iTablet in a note issued to investors on Wednesday morning. He also said that Apple is getting a book publisher with a "very attractive proposal for inclusion in the list of the contents of the coming platform Ebook.

Reiner believes that an additional 50 cents iTablets can provide up to 75 cents per share on revenue of AAPL shares.

"Our checks show Apple's supply chain, the teeth on the production of iTablets is creaking into action, and should start to hit the mass market move in February," said the note. "At this stage it appears that Apple is the size of its supply chain to support the production, as well as the 1M units per month."

Reiner said Apple will likely have at least five to six weeks stocks built up before the possibility of product placement to start in March or April, can be released. This will initiate proceedings relating to matters such as the one who believes that a last-minute removal of the chamber under the leadership of the latest iPod Touch.

He also said that the device has a 10.1-inch screen multi-touch technology, LTPS LCD, as well as the iPhone. He specifically disputed earlier reports that high-end models will sport an OLED.

Appel is also said that the publishers offer a solution that will allow them to have the content of their release to other online stores like Amazon Kindle or the new digital repository for the next major front publishers. Apple to sweeten the pot but may offer more favorable than some companies like Amazon, we now offer.

Contacts in the U.S. tell us about Apple's forthcoming book publisher with a very good proposal for distribution of content, "said Reiner." Apple will be reported as income in 30/70 (Apple / publisher), split, give the same deal on all comers, no request for exclusive rights. We believe that the typical 50/50 split on fire, reaching up to 30 / Kindle Ebook 70, as indicated exclusive rights. "

He went on to say that the Kindle is dissatisfied with the publishing industry's "strong arming businesses with the exclusivity 'Wolf cut revenues are taken if they sell their content elsewhere. The Kindle does not allow advertising on the content it sells its machines do not.

"The iTablet has changed," said Reiner. "That should make more books related to education streamlining functions, such as notebook marginalia.

Oppenheimer predicts that the company could be sold from 1 to 1.5 million units per quarter at an average selling price of $ 1,000. The company has a target price of $ 235 for AAPL shares.

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