Monday, December 28, 2009

Apple Purchased in 2007. New Tablet device called iSlate?

Apple tablet rumors come forward to the arrival of a new, MacRumors has found evidence that Apple acquired the domain apparently in preparation for the new equipment. domain was first registered in October 2004 by a company called Eurobox Ltd. was later changed hands the data label, Inc. in 2006. In 2007, but was transferred to domain registrar. MarkMonitor handle domain registration and protection of trademarks for many companies, including Apple. As is typical, but the current registrant's name was hidden in the darkness of early identification of the current owner. Up to this point, it is still easy to dismiss it all as simple coincidence.

But after further research the history of domain name registration, it appears that Apple's name is temporarily suspended when the current owner of for several weeks in late 2007. It is time for a couple weeks, but took MacRumors documented history of Apple-owned domains currently points to no website. Apple is rumored to be announcing an Apple tablet in early 2010 and given this evidence "iSlate" seems a likely candidate for the device's name.

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