Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 Apple iSlate concepts until date

What would a 10" Apple iSlate look like? I am sure that nobody can say at the moment. We will wait until 26th of this month(January 2010), for Apple announce the magic called the iSlate (iGuide). Last week, Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo pulled together an exhaustive guide to Apple tablet rumors, an awesome article covering every rumor surrounding the iSlate. According to Matt iSlate will cost about $800 and will be announce on 26th January 2010, but did not release to store until March or even to keep April.

I also tried to saving a little iSlate/iTablet concept pictures every time, if I'm going to see on the web. In this regard, if I pull'em em together and share 'em with you all . So, here's it . Enjoy!!

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