Tuesday, January 5, 2010

iSlate Specification Rumor

Although some of you might not wait for the latest developments on Google Nexus One date, these sources confirmed that iSlate (nearest inevitably still unconfirmed name again on the tablet from Apple) will be its main no message on January 26 as planned, but 27 or January 28 with her expectation that all our questions on a large "tablet" will put to rest.

According to mac4ever: Developers had been given an iPhone OS 4 SDK which includes a “simulator” for reformatting / scaling applications to a new, tablet-sized screen – Obviously, for beta testing purposes to make app’s compatible with the bigger resolution of the new tablet – and other purposes as well.

WSJ also said that ‘Cupertino tablet a.k.a iSlate’ will be presented to the ‘10-11 inches size’, estimated from the ears of a 7-inch" and is ready to send this March for $ 1,000. Hmm? Its sources also indicate that the new tablet could "Municipality way users interact with rich content" - as if something new to our ears? If we proceed according to two patented technologies Apple has been promising for their islation then it is probably more so this tablet can bring new interactivity for users, 'coz in fact it is (it departed intuition). You can read the entire statement WSJ is here (note that you must subscribe first breath all their juice)

That’s it for the official headstart – Now here’s the bomb! I know on our last ‘iSlate Specs’ post we only tackled a very minute percentage about what’s the full specs of the new tablet. Today, recent leaks suggest that they have full specifications of the iSlate.
But grr, a fakey. Just by looking at the texture of this so-called ‘Apple islate document scanned paper send to an email of a phonearena diddlers’ you can judge that its dubious – But hey, we are posting this for the avid enthusiast to criticize this one. So let’s bring it now, shall we?

It is obvious that this so called rumor glasses was made to stir the funny bone of geeks, while the official specs leak out. Funny thing though, is how PhoneArena Tipster treat this "day" for real glasses (as shown to me) and Woh, even if they have time to put a watermark on it? Bravo!

Anyway, we'll keep you guys posted if I ever will be another new "rumor in town for the Apple Tablet, I hope what is our next tickle even more. I will stay with the official statement.

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