Sunday, April 11, 2010

New MacBook Pros 2010 Incoming?

The reader on noticed 4 new Apple Laptop (Macbook Pro 2010) SKUs appear in the Microcenter purchasing system today. The 4 laptops are labeled: "Apple System Good-USA", "Mac System #1 Best-USA", "Mac System #2 Best-USA", "Mac System Better-USA."

The 4 SKUs which show up under a search for "Apple Laptops" are likely to correspond to new Macbook or Macbook Pro models range anywhere from $1,799 to $2,299 which fall neatly in line with Apple's existing pricing of laptops.

The submitter of this news went on to state: "This all just showed up in my system at microcenter, with model numbers and price. The week before the macbook came out in november this came up the same way, with a correct model number and price. Looks like we might get new Macbook Pro 2010 tuesday...".

We take this news to point strongly to the release of at least four new Apple Laptops (Macbook Pro 2010) configurations next week.

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