Monday, February 8, 2010

Is a MacBook Pro base on Intel Core i7 strutting its specs in the wild?

For ur viewing pleasure, I present the latest Apple rumors doing the rounds this Saturday Noon -- namely, GeekBench results for a "new" Core i7 MacBook Pros. According to the results, what you're looking at above are the numbers for the MacBook Pro 6,1, sporting a nastified Intel Core i7 (dual core, not quad) 620M (Arrandale) percolating along at 2.66GHz.

Other curious points here are the 4.8GHz Front Side Bus, which sounds a little screwy to us, and a final GeekBench score of 5,260, which makes current MacBook Pros clocked at the same speed look like your grandfather with a walker (those ranges hover around 3,700-4,000 on average). The laptop in question is also allegedly running a fresh version of Snow Leopard (build 10C3067 of 10.6.2), which certainly makes sense if someone is out there benching a new Apple's product, though it's not a number we can verify.

Still, if you were using a new Apple's product, would you be dumb enough to publicly share this information? Probably not, which of course raises the question that this might just be a hackintosh or some other clever spoof (even if we did see a suggestion of new MacBook Pros on the way recently). In the meantime, you can dream of having your pants burnt off by the above monster, and we'll let you know if this thing starts looking a little more real.

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