Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest iTablet rumor suppliers name, date of launch can

A new report from Taiwan Economic News lists a number of suppliers in Taiwan, who said that the contract with Apple, with the components of "Tablet PC", which presumably includes, in the month of February next year, have won. This is the latest in a long series of items and offers little new information, but tied to the latest on a possible Apple Tablet device, seems in line.

The latest report pegs Wintek as a provider for multi-touch screen LCD, said that if the size is 9.6 inches instead of 9.7 previously said. "Dynapack provide" sustainable "batteries. The most long and interesting, like the poor battery life has been one of the reasons why Steve Jobs is expected shelf old abandoned attempts suggested that Apple will pay a premium for the autonomy of the new city.

Uncontrolled wonder of PA Semi, Apple will be reported to processor design. There is no information on who manufactures the chip PA Semi is a fabless chip design company, but our bet is the Samsung Given the current supplier of chips for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and also license the technology and ARM PowerVR. However, the device is always said that a HSDPA modem, it would discount the idea is that Apple offers in partnership with Verizon.

The two bits of recent information on suppliers for mini-coaxial cables, tactile signals and power chokes (inductors that filter EMI and RFI). Wanshih Electronic Co., Ltd., which is already wiring with Apple, said the offer "70 percent" of the mini-coaxial cables for tile. Meanwhile, Mag Layers Scientific Technology Co., Ltd. provides some key components of the panel and the power to punish. Fun Stuff.

Jobs plans to work on all the intimate details of this new device, if all these information providers suspect some doubts about this, it seems that the supplier with a cut of Apple's supply chain would be threatened if information sharing is responsible of a future product (remember the fiasco ATI/G4?).

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